You think you know Me?

Think again.

What you believe you know is a big, fat load of BULLSHIT.

The real story?

It’s way more than what meets the eye.

My story? It’s a wild mix of untamed creative fire and hard-earned corporate smarts. From the late ’90s to the early 2000s, I was deep in the mix with the tech and fashion big leagues in Finland, Germany, and the UK. This wasn’t just clocking in and out; I was in the thick of it, soaking up the nuts and bolts of market dynamics and consumer psychology.

That time in the corporate trenches? That’s where I sharpened my branding and marketing arsenal. I turned into a trend-spotting hawk, always one step ahead of the game.

2006 rolls around, and bam, I hit the scene with Altroverso. Creative Director? More like Creative Revolutionary. Altroverso was my canvas, a place where I fused cold, hard corporate logic with raw creative instinct, cooking up branding strategies that broke the mold. I ran that ship till 2011, and even after I stepped back and it closed its doors in 2016, it was a hell of a ride.

Then 2012 hits, and GePa comes to life, a tag team with my brainy wife, Linda. We brought Flipps to Europe, and boom – over 14 million users. And the Italian TV scene? We shook that up too.

But hold up, there’s more. Linda and I, we dived into the hospitality biz, sprucing up this boutique hotel and restaurant in Belgium. This wasn’t just business; it was a creative jam session, with Linda’s strategy and my creative chops in perfect harmony.

And then there’s Wigepa BV, our financial powerhouse. Grew like crazy and caught Habby’s eye – sold in 2021.

2022 comes knocking, and with Habby changing tunes, Linda and I didn’t just sit back. We flipped a vacant space into dbstudios, a hotbed for creativity, where artists and entrepreneurs spark off each other, all fueled by our vision.

So, what’s the Misa magic? It’s not just about skill; it’s the heart and soul I pour into every gig. It’s about real connections, diving into cultural depths, and crafting brand experiences that hit deep. For me, this isn’t just a business journey; it’s about leaving a mark with creativity and vision. And that, folks, is what I do best.